Bill of Materials

We’ve recently been able to source components much more cheaply, direct from Mouser, Tayda and SHCFStore

That makes a full set of #Shrimp components, (an Arduino-compatible board), just £1.40 !

The USB to UART module for Programming, Power and Serial communication (normally provided by the FTDI chip built in to an Arduino)  can be provided by a CP2102 for £1.65

Altogether that makes something which is binary-compatible with an Arduino Uno, and just as capable, for £3.05

Such a build is ideal for prototyping when powered by a laptop or USB wall wart. For battery operation, you need to either be careful with your choice of batteries (within the voltage range for an ATMEGA328-PU), or use a $0.15 power regulator.

You have to source your own breadboard or stripboard as we don’t know of a particularly cheap supplier, although we’re considering using these, having had success with a sample…

These breadboards from Aliexpress are ideal for the job of working with the #Shrimp.

We have found that these copper stripboards from Tayda are a perfect dimension for cutting into three #Shrimps, adding just £0.15 to the component count to put it onto stripboard.

For testing, experimenting and projects, you’ll need extras like LEDs, Buttons, Sensors, Servos and other stuff. One LED (and matching resistor) at least is useful to test uploading the Arduino Blink sketch and to see that your circuit is alright.

The current bill of materials for a #Shrimp – components only without board, leds or project components, is as follows, (barring VAT and P&P costs)…

ATMEGA328-PU (from Mouser)


2x22pF Capacitor, 4x100nF Capacitor, 1×10µF Capacitor, 1x10KΩ Resistor, 1x1N4148 Diode (from Tayda)



16MHz Quartz Crystal (from Tayda)


6mm Tactile Switch (from Tayda)


Various Colored Wire  £0.05

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